We are strong advocates for raw grain free low carbohydrate diets for dogs and cats. When an animal is fed an appropriate meat and vegetable diet the severity and incidence of common diseases dramatically decreases. There are now many commercial frozen, freeze dried and dehydrated diets for your convenience. We can also coach you on home made diets. We can guide you with regard to appropriate supplements to achieve optimal health and vitality, even in pets with special dietary needs.

I have prepared several handouts regarding diet. These are general guidelines with resources for further study. Keep in mind that with organ failure and certain diseases these recommendations must be modified to fit the individual patient. These diets should ideally be discussed with a Veterinarian familiar with preparing homemade diets. You can look for a Veterinarian who knows nutrition via the AHVMA web sites.

With regard to supplementation, you will note many general suggestions in the Medical Information Handouts pertaining to specific problems. Keep in mind these are suggestions and an actual recommendation for an individual would require a complete history and physical exam. A Veterinarians advice is strongly recommended to guide the correct dosage and monitor effectiveness. You can look for a Vet in your area who has expertise in this area through the AHVMA web site as well.

There are more and more Veterinarians developing an interest in natural medical arts. But, in the event of limited access, I am available for consultation regarding diet and supplementation with a referral from your primary Veterinarian. Please fill out the following forms in Client Resources for a consultation: Alt-Vet Fax Form (to be filled out by your primary Veterinarian); New Client Information Form.

Choosing the Right Food
Homemade Guidelines
Proper Use of Raw Diets

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